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Villa Nora through history

Villa Nora was built at the beginning of the 20th century which has left, at that time very modern, seccessian style marks. It is renovated at 2006, but the seccessian style is still visible.

Symbols as the pair of lizzards above the gate entrance, at the north wall, and the Sun in the sunset which is merging with the sea, at the south are the reminders of past times, rich social life in past centuries and the social standard of it*s ex owners.

All these symbols represent the great role of this, over 100-years old beauty at the sea.

Villu Noru is famous by it*s romantic history. A Hungarian nobleman built it for his mistress. She was ill from tuberculosis, and this Villa had to be at the perfect location for her to get well - near to the sea.

Villa Nora has changed it*s owners untill the beginning of the 1980, when is bought by the respectable family Predovan from Rijeka.

Villa Nora
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Villa Nora - Apartmani i sobe Rijeka

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