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Apartman A-1

Type A2+2 at the first floor, with lounge and kitchen are in one room and beatifull sea view. It has 2 extra beds, heating and air conditioning in all rooms. Smoking is allowed in apartment. Smaller pets welcome.

  • Tip: A2+2
  • Number of persons: 2-4
  • Number of beds: 2

Information of the accomodation unit

  • type a2+2, first floor, lounge and kitchen are in one room, number of extra beds (in lounge, dining-room, kitchen): 2
  • size (lounge, dining-room or kitchen) 15.70 m2, terrace is 5 m2, shared yard of 100 m2
  • heating, air conditioning, cot (service available at your request)
  • smoking allowed in room
  • iron (service available at your request)
  • smaller pets welcome (pay at renter according to agreement)
  • view at the sea from the room and lounge

Equipment: radio, tv satellite tv, dvd player, fax (service available at your request), computer with internet access available (service to be arranged directly with the host)

Kitchen equipment: kitchen utensils and tableware according to the number of persons, refrigerator, deep freezer 30 l, coffee maker, dishwasher

Bathroom equipment: hairdryer (service available at your request), bidet, number of bathroom with shower: 1

Additional services and equipment: cot (service available at your request), iron (service available at your request), breakfast available upon request, cleaning at arrival

Informations about villa

Access to the villa: accessibility to accommodation by car: excellent, public transportation services: excellent, parking space.

Informations about owner: knowledge of english, knowledge of italian, knowledge of slovenian, the owner lives in the house which is rented.

Traffic informations: distance from the pharmacy is 200 m, distance from the ambulance is 500 m, distance from the nearest exchange office 100 m, distance from the nearest gas station 100 m, distance to the neighboring building 100 m, distance from the town center is 5 km, distance from a grocery store is 200 m.

Distance to additional facilities: distance from the bus stop is 100 m, distance from the train station 4 km, the closest train station: Rijeka, distance from the nearest airport is 35 km, the airport: Rijeka, distance from the nearest ferry port 4 km, name of the nearest ferry port: Rijeka, distance from a heavy traffic road 100 m.

Additional activities nearby

Outdoor pool, pool for children, indoor pool, sauna, park, parks with playground, tennis courts, table tennis, waterslide, water polo, gym / fitness club, bar, restaurant.

Beaches: walking distance to nearest beach 30 m, type of beach: rocky, pebble and concrete slabs, distance from the sea is 30 m.


Check-in: 14:00 h, check-out: 11:00 h

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